Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why Buy Remanufactured Life Fitness Treadmills with FlexDeck Shock Absorption System?

Life Fitness treadmills are powerful running, walking, and jogging machines that are the top choice among exercise enthusiasts around the world. The 95Ti Treadmill features the exclusive patented FlexDeck Shock Absorption System, which consists of under-the-deck Lifespring shock made of an advanced, ultraviolet (UV) cured polyurethane elastomer material. It reduces impact to the body by nearly 30% more than other treadmills. Also featuring a powerful 4-HP Direct-Drive AC Motor, the most durable on the market, and patented Lifepulse and Polar telemetry digital heart rate monitoring systems. Plus, maintenance is faster and easier with its patented Everwax lubrication system and Auto Alert diagnostics, which informs you of service needs and permanently records and date-stamps maintenance performed.

The FlexDeck shock absorption system offers users of varying weights similar cushioning via the Lifespring shock absorber’s variable-rate oval design. This design allows the deck to flex downward with the force of the user’s foot and then gently upward as the foot is lifted. The FlexDeck shock absorption system insures safe, comfortable exercise by reducing impact to ankles, knees and hips by nearly 30% more than ordinary treadmills.

Competitive deck cushioning systems use rubber or foam to cushion the running surface of their treadmills. The spring in the deck initially feels very good, but over time the rubber or foam will compress, break down and offer little of its initial good feel, while losing the cushioning effect for the user.

Unlike rubber or foam, Life Spring shock absorbers will never break down or wear out. Life Fitness is the only manufacturer in the industry to provide a lifetime warranty for their treadmill shock absorbers.
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